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Bible Reading Club & Gospel Busking

Are you regularly reading the Word of God? Maybe, you want to read the Bible but do not have a time or know where to start? When we read the Bible alone, sometimes we lose interest, and sometimes we misunderstand the meaning of the Bible. 

Let's us help you! Syracuse Grace CRC provides a Bible reading program every Saturday morning. It is a program that we read the Bible together while listening to the Audio Bible. Yes, we will listen to the Audio Bible! Pastor James has been trying this method for years. He will share more interesting stories about reading the Bible! Come and Join us!

Do you play any instrument? Do you love to sing? Do you want to use your musical gift for the glory of God? Do you have a passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ? Let's do something together! I'm not a musician; I'm not a good singer. However, I have a passion for preaching Christ! I want to invite you to join me for Gospel Busking Ministry. Bring your musical instrument (guitar, voice, violin, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, etc!) and music stand if you have one.

*Busking time and place will be updated soon!

*Bible Reading Club meets at Pastor James' house every Saturday Morning!

For more info, please contact Past James (315) 863-2608.