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A joyful noise to the Lord!

A joyful noise!

I visited a Chin church with other local CRC congregations (East Palmyra CRC, Community CRC). Chin is one of the major Myanmar ethnic groups. Pastor Nick (East Palmyra CRC) led worship service, and Pastor Brent's (Community CRC) sermon was translated to Chin language. As you see the picture, they have an awesome praise team. Honestly, music was loud (sometimes hurting my ears), unbalanced sound and not professional. They were not like 'Hillsong,' 'Michael W. Smith.' or many other impressive local church praise teams. However, I want to say that it was the best praise team that I have ever seen. I could see their passion and love for Christ. Certainly, I remember what the psalmist says, "Oh sing the the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things!" (Ps.98:1)

Maybe we the contemporary Christians are spoiled by all kinds of great Christian music. However, what we should remember is that it's not about music styles, praise teams or what kind of instrument we could use. We reformed Christians have too many restrictions and rules for Sunday worship service. Sometimes we are so busy talking about our opinions, aren't we? I heard many people saying. "I like this kind of worship music." "I don't like this sort of music." "No drums for Sunday worship." Well, let's remember, it is all about 'TRUE WORSHIP.' Jesus says that he is looking for the true worshippers. (John 4) The style of music at Chin church was probably not acceptable to many contemporary Christians. However, I wonder they might be the true worshippers. Are we true worshippers?