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Korean Community in Syracuse NY

It has been 27 days after we arrived in New York. We are still unpacking our moving boxes. Opening moving boxes are fun and surprising. Unexpected items are always found in unexpected boxes, and sometimes I wonder why I packed this and that. Hopefully, we will someday finish our unpacking business. The reason that I wish to finish unpacking boxes is that I am planning to start a neighbor prayer gathering at our home. Your prayer would be greatly appreciated!

We have spent a quiet amount of time to explore our neighbor, Fayetteville NY. It's a small VILLAGE. Yes, Fayetteville is not a city or town, you will read a clear sign of 'Welcome to the village of Fayetteville." Our home is not far from Syracuse University (15-18minutes driving distance). Groceries, shopping malls, restaurants and lots of stores are conveniently located at Towne Center Mall in Fayetteville NY.

We also found a Korean grocery! It's a small size, but surprisingly it has almost everything what most Koreans need, including Kimchi. Since my family doesn't eat Korean food much, we might not go to the Korean grocery. However, it is always good to know that there is a Korean grocery in town. We found an interesting note when we visited the Korean grocery. It's about "The Korean Community Picnic." Yes, we went there today. First impression? Lots of authentic Korean dishes that you can't usually eat at home! It was grateful to see that they prayed before eating.

I had a great opportunity to meet a Korean pastor who has been leading a Korean church for 15 years. It's always a humbling experience to meet a pastor who dedicates his life to Christ. It's fun and exciting time for us to see the Korean community in Syracuse. Pray that I will continue to build up my relationship with them.