There are many ways to help us.



Prayer partners are the most important partners. Please pray for the following items!

(1) Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful call. Pray for us so that we will continually and faithfully obey God in whatever circumstances. Pray for potential ministries such as "Sermon & PodCast, Pass It Down, Sharing Brothers and The Way." Pray for us so that we will always live for Christ!
(2) Pray for our moving preparation. We will move to Syracuse in July, 2017. We need to find a house or APT in Syracuse N.Y.
(3) Pray for New Hope CRC. It has been my joy and honor to serve New Hope CRC for the past 5 years. Pray for this wonderful congregation.
(4) Pray for our family. Jenny's study. She will finish her nursing school in March 2017. She will be a RN! Pray for our children. Moving to another state would be very difficult for them. Pray for God's love and grace for our children.
(5) Pray for James. He will be a bivocational church planter. Pray for God's guidance for James.


Your financial support for the church plant and planter would be greatly appreciated. If you want to financially support us, please click the DONATION box down below. It will directly lead you to Syracuse Grace's PayPal account. Your financial support will help the Kim family to smoothly move to Syracuse N.Y.

If you want, your financial gifts can be made by check payable to "Jae M Kim." Our mailing address is 3119 W. Rosewood Ave. Spokane, WA 99208. James' contact number is (509) 995-6992.


Syracuse Grace needs your help for campus ministry, local elementary ministry (Bible Club), Food Pantry Van, Clothing donations, Meal service for the community, and many more opportunities.