Why Syracuse N.Y?

Let's talk about the facts of the city.

1. The Hub of the Central New York
Wikipedia describes, "Syracuse is the fifth most populous metro city in the state of New York. It is the economic and education hub of the Central New York. The city has functioned as a major crossroads over the last two centuries."

The city population is about 150,000. However, it is evident that many people commute from surrounding towns to work (Hospitals and Universities). There are other major metro cities close to Syracuse such as Boston, Toronto, and Philadelphia.

2. The Center of Education
Syracuse is home to Syracuse University and many other colleges. Thousands of young adults from all over the world come to Syracuse for preparing their future. Therefore, Syracuse is a great city for college campus ministry.

3. Multi-ethnic/ Multicultural
Syracuse is also known as a multicultural hub of a city in N.Y. due to many refugees from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Students in the Syracuse School District speak more than 70 different languages.

Syracuse Newspaper reports, "One of every six students in Syracuse schools doesn't speak English proficiently. That number is growing every year. These new students speak 36 different languages, and 85 percent are refugees."(Syracuse.com)

4. Least Bible-minded City
The America Bible Society surveyed people about their Bible reading habits. The study found that Syracuse is one of "least Bible-minded cities." (NYUP.com) We can change this! We can bring people to the Word of God. We can boldly procalim that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.​" (John 1:1) Yes, Jesus Christ is the Word!

5. Poverty Level
U.S Census Bureau reported that 31 percent of Syracuse's population -approximately 40,500 residents- were living below the federal poverty line in 2015. U.S Census also found that 50.5 percent of Syracuse's population was unemployed in some point of 2015. As Christians, we can share God's love with them.

Did you see what I see? When I visited Syracuse in 2016, some people mentioned that Syracuse is a dying city like Detroit MI. However, what I see is different. I see that there are tons of opportunities for church planting such as campus ministry, refugee ministry, homeless ministry, and multi-ethnic ministry. The city is culturally multi-ethnic. The city needs HOPE. The city needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is the true HOPE for everyone.

We need to keep reaching out to the community. The city is in desperate need of gospel-driven reformed churches. Let's build a good REFORMED CHURCH in the city of Syracuse N.Y.