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Saturday Morning

Bible Reading Book Club

Are you regularly reading the Word of God? Maybe, you want to read the Bible but do not have a time or know where to start? When we read the Bible alone, sometimes we lose interest, and sometimes we misunderstand the meaning of the Bible. 

Let's us help you! Syracuse Grace CRC provides a Bible reading program every Saturday morning. It is a program that we read the Bible together while listening to the Audio Bible. Yes, we will listen to the Audio Bible! Pastor James has been trying this method for years. He will share more interesting stories about reading the Bible! Come and Join us!

Bible Reading Club meets at Pastor James' house.

For more info, please contact Past James (315) 863-2608.

Friday Night

Gospel Busking

Do you play any instrument? Do you love to sing? Do you want to use your musical gift for the glory of God? Do you have a passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ? Let's do something together! I'm not a musician; I'm not a good singer. However, I have a passion for preaching Christ! I want to invite you to join me for Gospel Busking Ministry. Bring your musical instrument (guitar, voice, violin, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, etc!) and music stand if you have one. Busking time and place will be updated soon!

If you have any questions, please contact pastor James at or (315) 863-2608.




Our Church Planting Story

In this video, we are sharing why the Kim family is moving to Syracuse NY to plant a church.

Bread Ministry

The neighborhood church ( has a wonderful ministry called "Bread Ministry."

Exploring the City

Exploring the northside of Syracuse, it's only part of the northside. I found lots of Asian markets such as Buda Market and China market. I also found few Asian churches (Myanmar Baptist church and Nepali Church). Please pray for Syracuse Grace CRC! We would love to expand our ministry to the Northside of Syracuse!



Get the Full Story

Syracuse Grace CRC (the Christian Reformed Church in North America) will be a new church plant in Syracuse N.Y area. Our church planter (Rev. James Kim) and his family will move to Syracuse N.Y this summer 2017. The targeting date of starting a new church in Syracuse is August of 2017.

Our beginning will be a small but multi-ethnic Reformed church dedicated to worshipping God with all nations in Upstate New York.

We are affiliated with the Christain Reformed Church in North America. (CRC) East Palmyra CRC is our parent church.

The following is a short description of our church.

-The Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, the only infallible rule for faith and life.
- We affirm three creeds- The Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanisain Creed.
- We believe in one God who eternally exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
- We believe that Jesus Christ is truly God and truly man who was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, was crucified, dead, and buried, rose on the third day, ascended into heaven and will come again.
- We affirm three confessions- the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort.
- We emphasize on "Sovereignty, Covenant and the Kingdom of God."
- We believe that we cannot earn our salvation through good works and that the Scripture is the guide by which we evaluate our practices as Christians.

As a Reformed church, we will have the honor of connecting people in Syracuse to God, Jesus Christ, and to one another in a loving and caring setting. It will be our mission to empower our community to become disciples of Jesus Christ by learning the gospel and sharing His love.

Grace, Gospel, Community, Reformed, and Worship.

These are the cornerstones behind Syracuse Grace CRC, and we will approach each day with these in mind.


Why Syracuse N.Y?


Why Syracuse N.Y?
Let's talk about the facts of the city.

1. The Hub of the Central New York region.
Wikipedia describes, "Syracuse is the fifth most populous metro city in the state of New York. It is the economic and education hub of the Central New York. The city has functioned as a major crossroads over the last two centuries."(Wikipedia)

The city population is about 150,000. However, it is evident that many people commute from surrounding towns to Syracuse for their jobs (Hospitals and Universities). There are other major metro cities close to Syracuse such as Boston, Toronto, and Philadelphia.

2. A Center of Education.
Syracuse is home to Syracuse University and many other colleges. Thousands of young adults from all over the world come to Syracuse for preparing their future. This simple fact proves the need for a new Reformed church in Syracuse N.Y. Syracuse is a great city for college campus ministry.

3. A Multiethnic and Multicultural city.
Syracuse is also known as a multicultural hub of a city in N.Y. due to many refugees from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Students in the Syracuse School District speak more than 70 different languages.

Syracuse Newspaper reports, "One of every six students in Syracuse schools doesn't speak English proficiently. That number is growing every year. These new students speak 36 different languages, and 85 percent are refugees."(

4. Least Bible-minded City.
The America Bible Society surveyed people about their Bible reading habits. The study found that Syracuse is one of "least Bible-minded cities." ( We can change this! We can bring people to the Word of God. We can boldly proclaim that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.​" (John 1:1) Yes, Jesus Christ is the Word!

5. Poverty Level is high.
The U.S Census Bureau reported that 31 percent of Syracuse's population -approximately 40,500 residents- were living below the federal poverty line in 2015. The U.S Census Bureau also found that 50.5 percent of Syracuse's population was unemployed at some point of 2015. As Christians, we can share God's love with them.

Did you see what I see? When I visited Syracuse in 2016, some people mentioned that Syracuse is a dying city like Detroit MI. However, what I see is different. I see that there are tons of opportunities for church planting such as campus ministry, refugee ministry, homeless ministry, and multi-ethnic ministry.

Syracuse New paper reports, "The region’s new population of 660,934 as of July 1, 2012 makes Syracuse the 80th most populous metro area in the nation, according to the report. In 2011, it was the 79th. Syracuse is a major hub of economic, academic and cultural activity in Upstate New York. The city is culturally multi-ethnic. The city needs HOPE. The city needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is the true HOPE for everyone.

In the Bible (Acts 11), the first world mission headquarters in Gentile territory began in the City of Antioch. The city of Syracuse has many potentials to become a center of mission headquarters in Upstate New York.
The city is in desperate need of gospel-driven reformed churches. That's why we (The CRC Home Missions, East Palmyra CRC, and Pastor James) planning to start a new church in Syracuse this summer 2017.

Are you getting excited about a new church plant? Yes, we are excited about this beautiful call. Let's build a good REFORMED CHURCH in the city of Syracuse N.Y!



Potential ministries for Syracuse Grace CRC

Syracuse Grace CRC will provide many opportunities for our future members and other community people through various ministries.

Preaching Christ will be the center of our ministry. Syracuse Grace CRC will preach Christ alone, will share the love of Jesus Christ with the community, will bring the nations to Jesus Christ.

The following would be our potential ministries when we start a new church in Syracuse N.Y. Whether you live in Syracuse or not, you are welcome to join us for this beautiful call.


Sermon & Podcast

"Sermon and PodCast" ministry will allow people in Syracuse to be involved with our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community. We will keep update sermons and PodCast in the future.

If you have any question about worship time and space, please contact Pastor James.

Pass It Down

"Pass It Down" is the name for the ministry to children, youth and college students.

- Good News Bible Club:Good News Club® is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship at local elementary schools.
- Young Life: High Schoo ministry at local high schools.
- College Campus ministries

Sharing Brothers

"Sharing Brothers" is the name for Community service to effectively engage the community.

- Food Pantry Van
- Clothing donations
- Meal service for the community

The Way

"The Way" is the name for a refugee and immigration ministry.

Syracuse Newspaper reports that more than 10,000 refuses have made Syracuse their home. The city is welcoming all nations, and they need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. What about their children? We are eager to bring the message of Jesus Christ to them.

- Gathering Place: providing a safe space for tutoring.

- Summer Free Soccer Camp for refugee children.

- Support and work with other Refugee and immigrant ministries in the city


For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9)


James Kim

I was born and raised in South Korea, married (Jenny Kim) in 1996. We came to the United Stated for my theological education. I finished my second B.A in Christian Philosophy at Tyndale College in 2001. And I earned my master’s degree (M.Div) at Calvin Theological Seminary in 2006. I served two congregations in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. My first church (Trinity CRC) helped me to develop my gifts and heart for multi-ethnic ministry in the CRCNA. I have learned how to share the gospel with children, young people, college students, and non-believers. It was my joy to watch many children and young people growing in faith. The second church (New Hope CRC) helped me to prepare myself for the next chapter of ministry. I had a great opportunity to serve New Hope CRC as a Minister of the Word. I enjoyed delivering the Word of God every Sunday from 2014 to 2016. For the past ten years of ministry from two different churches in the CRCNA have shaped my skills of preaching, teaching and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m passionate about preaching Christ in season and out of season. (2 Timothy 4:2) Galatians 2:20 is my favorite Bible verse. It says, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” I'm very excited to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the people in Syracuse N.Y.

My family and I will be moving to Syracuse N.Y in July 2017 to build a new reformed church in the City of Syracuse N.Y.

We would like to invite you to join us to this beautiful call. We need your financial support and prayer support to build a faith community in Syracuse N.Y. Let's build up a wonderful church together!


Rev. James Kim

The Kim Family

James, Jenny, John & Grace (2012)


There are many ways to help us.



Prayer partners are the most important partners. Please pray for the following items!

1. Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful call. Pray for us so that we will continually and faithfully obey God in whatever circumstances. Pray for potential ministries such as "Sermon & PodCast, Pass It Down, Sharing Brothers and The Way." Pray for us so that we will always live for Christ!

2. Pray for our Sunday worship gathering. We currently meet at our home.


Your financial support for the church plant and planter would be greatly appreciated. If you want to financially support us, please click the DONATION box down below. It will directly lead you to Syracuse Grace's PayPal account. Your financial support will help the Kim family to smoothly move to Syracuse N.Y.

If you want, your financial gifts can be made by check payable to "CANE" which stands for Classis Atlantic Northeast. Please write "Syracuse Grace" on the memo. Then you can mail contributions to Glen Bloem (Treasurer of church plant), His mailing address is 335 Purgatory Road, Whitinsville MA 01588.

All donations will be tax exempt.


Syracuse Grace needs your help for campus ministry, local elementary ministry (Bible Club), Food Pantry Van, Clothing donations, Meal service for the community, and many more opportunities.

We all work together to build the Kingdom of God.


Christian Reformed Home Missions

Classis Atlantic Northeast

East Palmyra CRC



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